Tuesday, December 06, 2005

SpaceBlog Alpha

We are nothing less than a revolution of thought and means, a paradigm shift in the psychology of Space exploration: It's not just for the fabulously wealthy anymore; it's for everyone.

SpaceBlog Alpha is a collaborative Blogzine committed to gathering, sorting and disseminating global news and information meant to inspire everyone who looks up at the star filled sky to see, not darkness, distance and cold, but an endless sea of life; adventure, opportunity and the destiny of all humankind.

Devoted to all things Space, we find the stories - big and small, comical and inspiring - and pass them along to readers around the globe, hungry for news of the new frontier. We provide links to resources to help you get involved, stay informed and make a difference. Plus, our witty comments are designed with brevity and substance in mind. You won't spend hours trying to sort through our site--we're keeping it simple to make it easier on everyone, ourselves included.

So, bookmark us today and check back often. New Posts come 365 days a year. New scientific discoveries are even more frequent...

-- The SpaceBlog Alpha Team

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