Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sedna: One More Reason for New Horizons (and CalTech)

Sedna is the name of the Inuit goddess of the Seas, and the coldest, most distant object yet discovered in our Solar System. Orbiting the Sun between the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, it itself is a mystery begging to be solved even as it answered a lingering question about Pluto's actual classification: Not a planet, just the largest Kuiper Belt Object yet discovered. With emphasis on yet.
You can read the technical discovery announcement from Michael E. Brown (CalTech), Chadwick Trujillo (Gemini Observatory) and David Rabinowitz (Yale University) here, if you are so inclined, or a less technical description here.
Discoveries such as this increase the possible destinations for future Space travelers. As it turns out, we won't need Warp Drives to explore hundreds of new worlds. There are hundreds of new worlds in our own backyard...

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