Sunday, December 18, 2005

NAZI Space Plans Best Described as Delusional

Anyone familiar with the History Channel knows they have a flare for proving even the most laughable historical claims have some kernel of truth. So it is with their special on Weird Weapons, which last week talked about the NAZI plans for dominance in space.
True, some NAZI money (and countless lives in the form of slave labor) went to elaborate dreams of space stations, space planes and intercontinental ballistic missiles. But it's also true those plans amounted to not much more than smoke and mirrors.
Sure, they drew up plans for a single-stage-to-orbit craft, but it's still a dream more than 60 years later. They also made plans for a steam powered space station...
Need I say more?

The V-2 Rocket was by far their greatest contribution to the advancement of Space technology, and continues to play a crucial role in exploration.
But to say NAZI space plans were anything more than self-indulgent flights of fancy is to re-write historical fact.

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