Friday, December 09, 2005

NASA Looks to the Private Sector

On Tuedsay, NASA began soliciting proposals from private sector aerospace firms, seeking a cargo delivery solution to supplement and eventually replace the aging and beleagured space shuttle fleet. This news came on the same day as a separate announcement from NASA head Michael Griffin, detailing the grim budgetary situation his Administration faces, and the need to scale back some current and future programs as a result. Clearly NASA's hand is being forced, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Certainly not for Space Exploration Technologies(SpaceX)...

SpaceX is a private firm which manufactures "the world’s first fully reusable launch vehicles." These latest developments would apparently open the door for SpaceX to have a realistic shot at competing with the until now seemingly untouchable contracting giants such as Lockheed and Boeing in delievering launch vehicles to NASA. This is a revolutionary devolopment in the USA's policy on space exploration, and hopefully is a hint of things to come.

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