Friday, December 09, 2005

Good News About the Ozone Layer: Aura Spacecraft Spots It

The Ozone layer. We all talk about it, but does anybody really do anything about it? Of course they do. Since 1995, chemical production and release of chlorine and bromine has been banned and their levels in our atmosphere have fallen off. Coincidentally, Ozone levels have improved and the "holes" have begun to shrink.

Recently, NASA's Aura Spacecraft (launched in 2004) captured detailed images of the ozone layer above the Arctic which show its seasonal hole is about average, a huge improvement over years of explosive growth. NASA has posted live images of the ozone layer online, downloaded directly from Space.
Understanding how and why Ozone levels in our atmosphere are affected is key to protecting life as we know it, because it's the only thing that stands between us and an ocean of solar radiation.
Talk about a sun burn...

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