Monday, December 19, 2005

Falcon 1 Launch Scrubbed Again

Concerns over wind speed in excess of the rated 24 knots initially forced the coundownt to be held at T-minus 15 minutes, but there remainded ample time within the 8 hour window to have a successful lanuch. If only it were that simple.
A structural issue has been uncovered with the first stage, forcing a scrub of this latest attempt to get Falcon 1 in the air. This structural problem will need to be repaired, and it is still too early to speculate on a new launch schedule, which will have to wait until at least after the New Year.
While it is somewhat disheartening to be reporting another scrubbed launch attempt for Falcon 1, remember this _is_ rocket science, folks. Delays such as this are the norm rather than the exception, and we will keep cheering the SpaceX team on and reporting here for you.

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