Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Astronomers Needed for Supernova Search

Ohio State University scientists are hoping backyard astronomers around the globe will join their search for exploding stars inside and outside the Milky Way. The effort is to find these supernova events and simultaneously search underground detectors for neutrino bursts.
Detectors found dozens of the sub-atomic particles following the discovery of Supernova 1987a, leading to the current theory that finding supernova in the sky will mark detection of neutrinos in underground detectors.
The discovery and understanding of neutrinos could lead to scientific instruments which will unlock some of the most baffling mysteries of our universe: Neutrinos are unimpeded by mass, meaning they can pass right through a star's corona, right through anything, straight to the center of our galaxy. In the future neutrinos may become the basis for a completely new set of scientific tools.
But what will most the help the effort today is finding these supernova events and notifying the scientists so they can check the detectors.

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